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Gilead Sciences GesmbH


Dkfm. Erika Ammer supports Gilead Sciences as a Medical Science Liaison manager. She edits and presents scientific and clinical data for the products, advises in case of clinical trials, identifies and establishes strong relationships with opinion leaders, clinical investigators and providers at academic and non-academic settings.

Pfizer Corporation Austria

Pfizer has one of the highest research budgets in the pharmaceutical sector (2009, $7.7 billions). The company managed to set standards and benchmarks in areas of therapy such as respiratory diseases, ophthalmology, urology, gynaecology, neuroscience, dermatology, cardiovascular diseases, vaccines, infectious diseases, oncology, rheumatism, pain, transplantation, gastro-intestinal diseases as well as in the field of growth hormones. Pfizer employs globally more than 100.000 people and established branches in over 150 countries. Pfizer’s business segments in Austria emphasize on pharmaceuticals, consumer health care and animal health.

CSC Pharmaceuticals Handels GmbH


CSC is a multinational company affiliated with the international Angelini group which operates in Central and Eastern Europe. CSC is trading in Austria since 1997 offering a product portfolio of in-house researched, developed and produced compounds as well as licenced products focussing on prescription and OTC medicine.

APhC plays a supporting role in the project management of established and novel products.
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